I want to ensure that I am providing you with the Highest Quality Products, I strive to make sure your order is close to perfect as it can be. Turn around times will vary depending on what you ordered and the style.


My goal is to have your items completed within 6-8 weeks of your order date.  I say this to be safe on my end, but your Items could potentially be finished before then! I strive to get everything finished as soon as possible, but the TAT will depend on my work load!


Ready to ship tumblers are ready for immediate pick up, or will be mailed out within 5 days.  Unless you want a name to add to your custom tumbler.  That will delay your cup by 5-7 days.


Included in your Tumbler, will be a care card. Please read them carefully & follow as instructed. Also posted below.

  • Avoid dropping your tumbler. Tumblers can crack or the seal can be broken if dropped the right way. 
  • Please DO NOT put it in Dishwasher or Microwave.
  • Do not soak your tumbler. It can lead to the Epoxy Seal breaking and ruining your cup.
  • Do not leave in direct sunlight for long periods of time. Although we use high quality epoxy with 500* heat resistance and UV protection, long term exposure to UV rays can damage/fade your cup design. This can also cause premature yellowing of the epoxy.


Please note that all sales are final! I do not accept returns, refunds or exchanges. All items are custom made which prohibits me from reselling items. If there is a mistake made on MY end, refunds will be provided.